This course was life changing. It all started out of curiosity with absolutely no expectations but turned out to be one of the most valuable things I've ever done for myself. Digging deeper into professional coaching became my personal self-development journey, helped me shift my perspective, achieve better awareness and develop a new level of consciousness. Looking forward to diving into that next level !

Bakiya Alev

Senior Marketing Manager

I came with an open mind not knowing what professional coaching is, but wanted to understand difference between coaching, mentoring and similar other terms. I did not only get a clear picture on the differences but learnt much more and realized I was indeed practicing some of the techniques of coaching without knowing them as few of coaching techniques. I feel Kalina has setup a wonderful platform here !

Srinidhi Katti

Scrum Master

I highly recommend the coaching circle. It's simple and easy.

Milky Faruq


The coaching circle leaded by Kalina is the place where you're not only learning the power and structure of questions, but the human nature, emotional intelligence and other aspects of interactions as well. The coaching circle gives you enough meat to continue the journey one your own, it sparks your curiosity and most importantly, it helps you reveal your own behavioral patterns. If you want to learn to listen, listen deeply, read between the lines, hear unsaid - you should go through this course.

Yana Savchenko

Scrum Master

 It exceeded my expectations !

Participant in the "Empathy Program"

The program is awesome !

Participant in the "Empathy Program"

Yes, I have a lot to learn and that's OK !

Participant in the "Resilience Coaching Circle"

I feel understood !

Participant in the "Resilience Coaching Circle"