A coaching model for those who want to start coaching soon !

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Coaching circles

A quick-start 12-week coaching practice circle.

“Coaching Circles” will enable you to start practice coaching in less time, saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars on long-term coaching programs.  

We will teach you how to overcome mental challenges and upgrade your coaching skills using neuroscience, positive psychology, and professional coaching techniques.  

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Course summary

“Coaching circles” is a quick-start 12-week coaching practice circle that helps people through practice and a self-accountability structure, to start coaching quickly.

It will enable you to start practice coaching in less time, saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars on long-term coaching programs.

In coaching circles, you will quickly develop the necessary skills and competencies required for coaching.  

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Course prerequisites

“Professional coaching competencies Masterclass”

The following recommendation is offered to newcomers:  
- Registration for the Masterclass should occur at the same time or prior the coaching circles registration.  

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Who Is Intended For

Anyone involved in an agile company reorganization or transformation

Organizational leaders – executives, managers, directors, product managers, scrum masters, agile coaches

Individuals who are part of agile product development team

People who wish to develop coaching skills and competencies to integrate them into other positions or professions

People involved in change management

People with coaching knowledge and skills ranging from beginner to intermediate

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Logistics information



Live instructors and groups of coaching practice
Groups of 5-20 people
Virtually via Zoom


1.5 h per week group meeting
70% presence over 3 months
1-2h per week accountability practice with partner

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Learning outcomes

  • Practice, practice and more practice
  • Learn how to ask transformational questions to generate new insights, awareness and promote learning and individual growth
  • How to generate trust and safety in others
  • Boost your executive presence 
  • Develop your active listening skills and awareness practices
  • Understand how to use the power of science to stimulate other people's learning and growth
  • How to recognize emotional shifts to improve your communication
  • What are the most effective coaching techniques
  • In what ways can you transform a conversation into a coaching conversation
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You will get at the end

  • Access to coaching demos
  • Group practice coaching sessions
  • Individual practice coaching sessions
  • Certification on completion
  • A life-long community of other professionals inspired by coaching
  • Support and feedback from coaches with 10+ years of experience

Course Pricing

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Course curriculum

Kalina Terzieva

Kalina Terzieva is the CEO of “My Coaching Brain”. She is a professional Coach working also as an Agile Coach. She leverages the power of neuroscience, positive psychology, agile management, and professional coaching.