Being a coach is a privilege

Posted On Nov 08, 2022 |

The greatest reward in coaching is witnessing the individual's success being coached. It's a privilege to be part of their success...

Being a coach is not about telling people what to do but supporting them in their journey. Through coaching, people can better understand themselves, what they want and how to achieve it while gaining insightful knowledge.

Although coaching may seem difficult at first, it becomes much more enjoyable when a coach gets his hands on it. Coaching is an inspiring profession, and most people find it quite rewarding. Undoubtedly, being a coach is a privilege once the coach understands how to do it right since the greatest reward for a coach is their coachee's success. 

So, if you’re on a journey to become a coach – Trust me, you’re on the verge of changing an individual's life.

Because …

“Coaches act as thinking partners for people stuck inside their stories and perceptions.”

A quote by Marcia Reynolds

Safe space

Could anyone imagine sharing their innermost doubts with someone they do not trust? Well, it is simply impossible.

A coach can also be referred to as the thinking partner of the coachee.Therefore, for a coach to succeed, they must establish a reliable connection between themselves and the person being coached. It is also necessary to create a safe space and gain the trust of the coachee no matter what organization or individuals the person is coaching.

Therefore, establishing a safe space is essential to open doors to self-reliance and self-love.

“They help clients think more broadly about themselves, beyond their blinking fears, inherited beliefs, and half-baked assumptions limiting possible actions.”

By Marcia Reynolds

With privilege comes responsibility.

Every privilege comes with responsibility: the responsibility to perform and fulfill expectations. 

Once the trust is built, the actual responsibility of the coach starts. The coach's primary responsibility in any organization is to shift someone’s perspective and make them realize their potential. To be an effective coach, one must change the coachee's perspective rather than simply accepting what the coachee is expected to do. It is a privilege of great value due to its potential and the level of self-awareness it allows.

Neutrality is Vital

There are many different coaching frameworks available to coaches. People go through various psychological stages depending on how used they are to the process. When a coach remains neutral and establishes a healthy environment, they can build trust with the coachee and get back to what matters most to the coachee.

The coaching session becomes successful once the uncomfortable environment becomes comfortable and homely. One cannot open if there is any fluctuation in energy, so neutrality and nonjudgmental are essential for success.

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